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trading box.jpg (29186 bytes) Trading Cards, Collect-a-Card 1994. 100 cards, 3 subsets Game tips 12, Adventure Foil 12, Character Chromium 8 & 3 card Mail-in only set. Quality cards. Nice subsets.  Collation was is bit uneven.  You may have gotten more or less of the stated card mix.  It's nice when the sequence of cards tells you the story....hey you wouldn't have to even see the movie!
movie card general.jpg (15863 bytes) Example of common card. (#3- large metallic ring) 100 cards in set This card happens to be my favorite of the common cards.  The raising of the Stargate is where this story begins.
Stargate prototype 94.gif (14393 bytes) RARE prototype card. labeled prototype on the back.  
Adventure movie card.jpg (18718 bytes) Example of ADVENTURE SET card. (AS-4- Radio contact) 12 cards in set.
game movie card.jpg (15872 bytes) Example of VIDEO GAME TIP card(#TS-4)
8 cards in set.


SG CS-5.gif (26035 bytes) Example of (CS- 5) of Character 8 card chrome subset  Chrome subset was most difficult to obtain.  Shiny, quality paper. 8 card set included: O'Neil, Jackson, Kawalsky, Sha'auri, Skaara, Ra, Horus, Anubis
unlock stargate card.jpg (17088 bytes) Example of UNLOCK THE STARGATE game card. (#5 of 12)
card TSM1.gif (22489 bytes) Promo card, TSM 1.  Ok promo card.  Would have been nice to have Jaye Davidson's face instead.  Perhaps it was too early in the filming when this card was produced.
StargateMailIn.jpg (8750 bytes) Movie mail-in 3 card set - Collect-a-Card 1994. Available for limited time ONLY to those who mailed in the completed game cards &  solution.

I expected more from this very rare set.  The high quality of the chrome cards subset had me expectingt something spectacular.  Alas, no chromium...ho hum.
Anubis promo card.gif (10167 bytes) Anubis promo card ??
CHECKLIST CARDS (For printable checklist, click here)
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checklist movie 3.jpg (26502 bytes)
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