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gamegeargame.gif (11357 bytes) Sega GameGear game
anubis kit.gif (37442 bytes)

kit anubis resin made.gif (25838 bytes)

Anubis model kit. plastic
fig RA.gif (35406 bytes) Ra figure -  These were okay figures, but didn't look much like the characters.  At least they were from the movie. There wasn't a whole lot to collect. About a year after the movie,  I spotted these in the "reject bin" at Kaybee toys for about a buck and a half apiece.
fig Skaara.gif (31768 bytes) Skaara figure This one actually looked a little bit more like the character.  I did like the accessories they came with.
fig Kawal.gif (44167 bytes) Kawalsky fgure Now this one didn't look at all like the character, but again, nice accessories.
Fig Oneil.gif (27682 bytes) O'Neil figure The artwork more resembled Kurt Russell here.
figures 8.gif (44426 bytes) Figures 8: Daniel, O'Neil, Skaara, Horus, Anubis, Ra, Kawalsky,  This is a pic of the entire group of figures available for the movie.
mastage.gif (18149 bytes) Mastage toy I liked this toy most of all.  The shaggy mastage was fun to play with.
Toy winged glider.gif (14158 bytes) Winged glider This carried over well from the movie and these make swell toys.
horus Horizon kit.gif (19485 bytes)

kit horus resin made.gif (24539 bytes)

 Horus model kit. Horizon and Horus kit all done up Alas, I've never had the patience for these, but when they were all painted and put together with care, they looked pretty good.
ra mrc horizon kit.gif (12929 bytes) Ra mode kit. Horizon
snowglobe Apophis.gif (7831 bytes) Snowglobe Apophis - Needs review
snowglobe team.gif (7931 bytes) Snowglobe SG1 Needs review

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