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StargatePromo set.gif (33296 bytes) 6 card PROMO set for SG1 card set. Rittenhouse Archives 2000 Nice cards. On the brown side photographically.  Traded constantly on the internet in anticipation of the full set. Worth the 9.95-12.00 you will pay.
SG card promo sheet.jpg (55951 bytes) SG 1 promo sell sheet
Sg promo P1.jpg (32183 bytes) SG1 Promo card P1
binder promo P2 ONeil.jpg (29665 bytes) SG1 Promo card P2 (available with binder only)

Base cards samples.jpg (17728 bytes)

Basic cards 
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sgbinder.jpg (12240 bytes)

binder promo P2 ONeil.jpg (29665 bytes)

The Official Stargate SG-1 Collector's Album - complete with 12 plastic sheets, a bonus promotional card of Richard Dean Anderson as Col. O'Neill (P2) , and a bonus AUTOGRAPH card personally signed by Tony Amendola (Bra'tac) (A9) . Only 1,500 binders were produced
Stargate Aliens 1:3 packs
Overall rating
asgards 2.jpg (40570 bytes) X1- the Asgards
X2- The Spirits
X3- The Oannes
x4.jpg (18930 bytes) X-4- The Aliens of P3X-118
X5- The Tiermods
X6- The Nox
X7- The Unas
X8- Aliens of PJ2-455
x9.jpg (16967 bytes) X9- The Argosians
Stargate Stars  1:7 packs
Overall rating
stars ONeil.jpg (38616 bytes) S1- Colonel Jack O'Neill
stars shanks S2.jpg (18129 bytes) S2- Dr. Daniel Jackson
stars Carter S3.jpg (49645 bytes) S3- Major Samantha Carter
stars Tealc.jpg (38917 bytes) S4- Teal'c
stars hammond.jpg (37653 bytes) S5- General George Hammond
Stargate in Motion 1:27 packs
Overall rating
motion 1 shanks.gif (10800 bytes) M1- Daniel Jackson & Sha're
motion 2 shanks alone.gif (11226 bytes) M2- Daniel Jackson
moiton m3 stargate.jpg (37808 bytes) M3- the Stargate In Motion
motion 4 tealc shooting.gif (10627 bytes) M4- Teal's with staff weapon
motion 5 ONeil gun.gif (12725 bytes) M5 - O'Neil
motion 6 skaara.jpg (36651 bytes) M6- Skaara 
Stargate Autograph Cards 1:40 packs
Overall rating
A1- Richard Dean Anderson as Colonel Jack O'Neill
A2- Don S. Davis as General George Hammond
A3- Teryl Rothery as Dr. Janet Fraiser
A4- Alexis Cruz as Skaara
A5- Vaitiare Bandera as Sha're
A6- Peter Williams as Apophis
A7- Vince Crestejo as Yu
A8- Jay Acovone as Major Kawalsky
A9.jpg (85718 bytes) A9- Tony Amendola as Bra'tac
Only available with the binder
Stargate 'From the Archives' costume Cards 1:80 packs
Overall rating, this subset
C1- Colonel Jack O'Neill
C2- Dr. Daniel Jackson
C3- Major Samantha Carter
Stargate Exclusive 'From the Archives' case Topper
Overall rating
C4.jpg (77120 bytes) C4- Teal'c

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