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prop anubis head.gif (27961 bytes) Anubis head. Backup Anubis head from Stargate Fiberglass and not painted. The ears were sculpted by a pro from the movie industry.
host prop.jpg (17468 bytes) A Snake Creature from the Television Show "Stargate SG-1"
A multi-colored snake creature used in the television show, "Stargate SG-1." Made of silicone, this snake features pincer-like jaws, bulbous black eyes and multiple protrusions on the upper body. Outer skin is shedding, long tear along bottom of body, some protrusions have detached. 22" X 2" X 3". Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from XFX, Inc.

Auctioned on eBay for $800 6/01
alien tentacle.jpg (15662 bytes) An Alien's Tentacle Used in the Television Show "Stargate SG-1"
This item was created in the workshop of Steve Johnson's XFX, Inc.

An alien tentacle used in the television show "Stargate SG-1." This tapered silicone tentacle is handpainted a pinkish-orange with repeated light black markings. The tentacle is mounted on a wire support. The outer skin is detached in places, there are extensive tears at the base of the tentacle. 46" X 2.5" X 2". Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from XFX, Inc.
stargate movie Kurt Russell cloak.jpg (21424 bytes) Kurt Russell sand cloak.  desert cloak which was worn by Kurt Russell as Col. Jack O'Neil in the movie Stargate. This cloak is in excellent condition with hand holes to slide your arms through, an attached hood, and also a scarf attached to the back of the hood(seen in the movie wrapped around the neck and face of Russell). The brown/tan coloration pattern is totally unique to this particular cloak and is easily matched up precisely to what you see on screen. The costumer tag reads "O'Neil- Hero". This cloak is probably the coolest piece from the movie that I've seen reach the collector's market, a highly visible prop throughout the rescue sequence and the assault on Ra's ship- a museum caliber item.  
Ra ship piece.jpg (13534 bytes) Ra spaceship piece  
alien baby prop.jpg (14230 bytes) Description:
An Alien Baby Prop used in the Television Show "Stargate SG-1"
An alien baby from the television show "Stargate SG-1." This pale infant was used in an unknown episode of the science fiction show and features blue veining throughout its skin and disturbing dark eyes. 21" X 11" X 10". Various production wear includes minor paint loss throughout, a small tear on the top of head and mold marks on the back. Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from XFX, Inc
Ra ship piece.gif (82886 bytes) Ra ship piece from movie  
replicator prop.gif (47230 bytes) Replicator piece encased in acrylic

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