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stargate promo highlighter sm.gif (13367 bytes) Promo highlighter Fairly rare item,  If you see one, grab it.
stargate Season 4 presskit.jpg (9576 bytes) Season 4 presskit - Showtime folder,  production notes: synopsis, cast and crew credits, bios of the actors.  VHS tape: 2 episodes: "Nemesis" Season 3 & Season 4 premiere "Small Victories." 3 slides. Nice kit, quality slides and folder.
SG1 promo postcard.gif (30211 bytes) SG1 promo postcard with facsimile autographs Fake autographs are ok. Pic is smaller version of promo poster
presskit movie photos.gif (23762 bytes) Presskit movie photos

presskit movie.gif (36111 bytes) Presskit cover. movie USA 1994 Glossy sturdy, prime cover, with inside pockets.
japan movie cover.gif (17623 bytes) Movie promo cover. Japan 1994
promo pocket calendar.gif (15731 bytes) Pocket calendar.  SG1 Showtime 1999
RDA promo pc.gif (10567 bytes) SG1 postcard
SG promo folder.gif (21461 bytes) SG1 season 1 full-color 2-pocket folder   These were distributed to promote the series and are the same type of folder they used for the press kits.
presskit SG1.gif (12649 bytes) Showtime presskit
video emmy devil.gif (10498 bytes) Showtime emmy press video "The Devil You Say" 2000
movie promo cd.gif (22849 bytes) Movie promo CD
Stargate movie press.gif (88668 bytes) Japanese movie promotional material  
sg1 promo folder 2.gif (27930 bytes) Promo folder for SG-1  
sg1 promo folder.jpg (20639 bytes) Promo folder for SG-1  
sg1 promo folder.gif (35095 bytes) Australian promo movie material   
SG1 Brit mini poster.gif (41114 bytes) British movie poster  
SG1 promo magnet.gif (31283 bytes) Magnet promo for movie  
promo emmy cold lazarus vid.jpg (13079 bytes) "Cold Lazarus" Emmy promo video
Movie logo rubberstamp.  

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