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CD making of movie.gif (44643 bytes) CD for the movie containing lots of images Needs review
promo cd german.jpg (8899 bytes) German cd Unusual shape enhances this cd
SG CD case.gif (7443 bytes) Black 6"x6"x1" Circular CD Case. Sleek vinyl with silver "STARGATE SG-1" logo imprint. Zippered closure holds 24 CDs with separate protective covers. This is an ok cd case, I really like the SG1 cover, of course
cd promor mgmua music.jpg (4290 bytes) MGM sampler music cd.
Needs review
SG! 100th promo cd.jpg (10376 bytes) SG-1 100th episode promo cd, also available to official fan club members for a limited time.  contains behind the scenes footage, and other goodies. Needs review
Sg squeeze cd.jpg (259492 bytes)

SG1 squeeze cd 2.jpg (238711 bytes)

Stargate Squeeze LD- Exceptionally Rare AC-3 / Dolby Digital [Pioneer Japan Pressing] Widescreen [Anamorphic] Laserdisc Edition

SQUEEZE EDITIONS: are real Anamorphic laserdiscs, which were released in Japan only. And only 8 movies were released in Anamorphic Widescreen on Laserdisc in Japan.

"SQUEEZE" the entire 2.35:1 or 1.85:1 aspect ratio into the 1.33:1 TV picture frame. All that is required is a 16:9 format TV or a normal 4:3 format TV, which features 16:9 playback. On the TV, the Squeeze Edition is decompressed; squeezed vertically in order to restore the proper dimensions and display the image in its proper aspect ratio. The LD features an extremely sharper image than other laserdiscs and even non-anamorphic DVDs, when played back on a 16:9 TV (or a 4:3 TV with 16:9 playback).


Needs review

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