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radaggerDIAG.gif (22773 bytes) Ra dagger- reproduction. 13" long, 7 1/4 in 420J stainless steel Blade, cast metal " Eye of Ra" medallion, Heavy Cast Metal handle with antique plating, 15 1/8" x 5 1/8" Hardwood wall mounting plaque with mounting hardware, Certificate of authenticity .  United Cutlery 1994 
frame coverstone.gif (26184 bytes) Frame - coverstone 1994 Applause
German mag.gif (51881 bytes) German magazine with Stargate SG1 cover
TV guide spec.gif (36181 bytes) TV Guide special Sci-Fi edition with Stargate SG1 series preview article.
SG liquid mousepad.gif (16081 bytes) SG liquid mousepad- 8" circular custom liquid mousepad. Authentic Stargate artwork in full color with green "STARGATE SG-1" logo and metallic stars.
pyramid frame 2.gif (17712 bytes) Pyramid frame 1994 Applause
SG 100th ep mag w.gif (63861 bytes)
SG pinball book w.gif (47099 bytes)
dreamwatch mag SG.gif (34717 bytes) DreamWatch Magazine #5 January 1995. Stargate on the cover.  Britain.
staff fan made.gif (6360 bytes) Fan made staff

phonecard Ra movie.gif (12516 bytes) Ra phone card. USA
Tapping magazine cover TVH.gif (29933 bytes) TV Highlights magazine featuring Amanda Tapping cover
fan prop Ra medallion back.jpg (15657 bytes) Fan made Ra necklace
german sg1 zine.jpg (20260 bytes) German SG-1 zine guide. collectors book, it was written and compiled by Peter Osterried.  100+ pages large softcover,   100īs of colour pics sections on all the Stars of the show, episode guides of all the seasons + the movie  mmgudinnan@aol.com
magsg1TV zone38.jpg (12290 bytes) TV Zone #38 magazine featuring SG1
promo cd german.jpg (8899 bytes) German promo cd Unusual shape enhances this cd
cd promor mgmua music.jpg (4290 bytes) Promo-only 2-CD set features 47 tracks from movie composers  includes - DAVID ARNOLD - Stargate musicparadise@aol.com
Stargate sticker album w.gif (27793 bytes) Stargate movie sticker album
phone card Anubis.gif (42649 bytes) Stargate movie Anubis phone card.  1994
sg_script01.gif (43132 bytes) signed Stargate SG-1 script  
stargate promo mini 1.jpg (27195 bytes) Oversized postcard advertisement for an online Stargate SG-1 shop.  2000  
SG1 cult times mag.gif (28609 bytes) Cult Times Stargate SG-1 Issue  
SGIfan chrome lighter.jpg (12539 bytes) Fan made chrome lighter  
Stargate movie watch Live promo.jpg (26814 bytes) Stargate movie video release promo watch  
SG1 art CDs 2.gif (54538 bytes) Artwork for SG-1 CD's

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