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Jaffa armor  
Jaffa headpiece.gif (4985 bytes) Jaffa headpiece.  Replica Jaffa headpiece from Stargate SG-1. Similar in size and color to the one worn by Christopher Judge as "Teal'c."
Made of latex rubber. Slightly curved to conform to shape of forehead. Can be worn using a little spirit gum on the unpainted back
fan SG1Jacket.jpg (6322 bytes) Fan produced jacket with SG1 patches sewn on. Chrome subset was most difficult to obtain.  Shiny, quality paper. 8 card set included: O'Neil, Jackson, Kawalsky, Sha'auri, Skaara, Ra, Horus, Anubis
fan prop Ra medallion back.jpg (15657 bytes) Ra Medallion replica- This hand crafted finely detailed replica of the eye of Ra good luck medallion used in the production of STARGATE It was worn throughout the film by James Spader. I have spent many long hours researching the film to re-create the amazing beauty and lustre of this special prop paying particular attention to important details such as the spacing of the beads of the chain to painstakingly hand carving the details of the medallion itself. This is an original prop replica crafted by myself Tim Moore, an experienced master prop builder. This piece is crafted and cast in epoxy resin and given abundant coats of 18kt gold paint, also included is the screen accurate 24" neck chain also detailed with 18kt gold paint, as well as colored beads, making this one of the most unique and attractive props available

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SG_staff finished.jpg (17238 bytes)  

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