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Live Video - Video promotional watch

circa 1996 - video release


keychains 3.gif (17623 bytes) Movie keychain: : Applause 1994. 3 produced were Ra's ship, movie logo, portal. Gold finish. Large key ring. Sturdy, usable keychains.  Epoxy coated for durability.
button movie.gif (8457 bytes) Movie button 2"
Anubis watch Quartz Watch. Made .1994 by Hope Industries Inc.  


This is a five function flip top battery operated watch. The timepieice is covered by Ra from the waist up-you flip it up to see the time. The band is silver in color and features Stargate egyptian style symbols on it. The watch was marketed for children and is made of plastic but is a very cool collectible for Stargate fans.
watch SG new.gif (9852 bytes) watch Movie 1994 Quality watch styling.  Wears well on the wrist.  Metal tin adds a collector's touch.
keychain anubis rubber.jpg (6295 bytes) keychain Anubis rubber, 1994 A little weird looking.  Sturdier than they look.
keychain Ra rubber.jpg (7311 bytes) keychain Ra rubber, 1994 A little weird looking.  Sturdier than they look.
keychain horus.jpg (5804 bytes) keychain Horus rubber. 1994 A little weird looking.  Sturdier than they look.
SG pewter keychain.gif (19775 bytes) Pewter keyring for  SG-1
stargate key ring 1994.gif (13785 bytes) Stargate movie promo keyring 1994
Stargate button 1994.gif (13169 bytes) Movie button 1994  

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