OFFWORLD 1 FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

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What is OFFWORLD 1?
OFFWORLD 1 is a completely fan-run convention for those who like Stargate SG-1 and the Stargate movie. It is being held in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, August 30, in the Westin Peachtree Plaza, just a couple of blocks from the Hyatt Regency hotel.

Who is doing OFFWORLD 1?
OFFWORLD 1 is being organized by fans who support Dragon*con, organize & participate in the Dragon*con Stargate panels, and who wanted even more Stargate related events. We love Dragon*con and Stargate!  

How much is registration?
Registration for the entire day is just 6 dollars (U.S.). You can come and go as you please anytime during the day. More payment information is here [payments]

Are you trying to make money off of fans?
The hotel meeting space costs $1200 and we are just trying to pay for the space and any other directly related expensesÖthatís it. At $6 per fan for the entire day, we may not break even. If (and this is a BIG if) there is any money left over, it will go directly toward OFFWORLD 2. Watch for the fund report after the con.

I canít come to OFFWORLD 1. Can I support it anyway?
We sure wish you could come, but even if you canít, you can support OFFWORLD 1 with a supporting membership. [payments]

Where can I stay overnight?
Stay at the Westin Peachtree for convenience and a great rate of $89/night. The Westin features a heavenly bed for crashing at night!  Phone  (404) 659-1400  Fax  (404) 589-7424
Click here for more [hotel]

Can I come to OFFWORLD 1 if I am not coming to Dragon*con?
Sure you can! If you are in the area, or can only stay one day, this is the place to be for Stargate fans.

Will there be any stars from the show at OFFWORLD 1?
It would be nice, and we are working on coaxing some to come over for a visit, but donít count on it...but, who knows? 

Can I buy OFFWORLD 1 merchandise?
Merchandise is a tricky thing, especially when you donít have money for an initial cash outlay. This is why we are considering the set-up of a logo-store through CafePress. Stay tuned.

Will there be an OFFWORLD 2?
Sure, if there is enough fan interest and if we havenít gone bankrupt from OFFWORLD 1!

How can I get a fan vendor table?
EasyÖ8 foot fan vendor tables are JUST $10 for the entire day (PLUS $6 each membership registration) (Flyer space is free) Tables are limited by the space available. Go here for more information [fan vendors]

How do I send flyers for the flyer table? AndÖWhat is the deadline for you to receive my flyers for the free flyer table?
The deadline for us to RECEIVE your actual flyers for the free flyer table is August 16. Mail up to 250 flyers in a secure envelope to: Marcia Patterson, P.O. Box 14947, Jacksonville, FL 32238

Can I sit at the OFFWORLD 1 fan table at the Marriott?
Helping out at the OFFWORLD 1 fan table is a great way to meet other fans.  Sure, there are plenty of times available. Check the volunteer page for times and email or write to sign up. [volunteer]

How can I volunteer to help out at OFFWORLD 1?
Great! OFFWORLD 1 needs YOU!. Check out the volunteer page for specific volunteer help needed, [volunteer] orÖ


Write: OFFWORLD, P.O. Box 14947, Jacksonville, FL 32238

For any questions not answered here, please email :STARGATEOFFWORLD@AOL.COM

See you at OFFWORLD 1!


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