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What is the StargateGuide?
The StargateGuide is a fan-created resource for all things related to the Stargate movie and tv series Stagate SG-1.  We will also review each item for quality and fan-appeal, as well as collectibility.
How can I send you information about an item?
We are counting on other fans to fill in the gaps on this site.  Just email us, send a picture in .jpg or .gif format and as much information as you have.  You will receive credit for your contributions and we'll even add a link to your webpage!
Who reviews items?
YOU review items.  We want to post what you think about each item.  The reviewer will be noted and if they have a website, a link will be provided if they choose.
Why have you created this site?
We are fans of Stargate & SG-1.  For more click here for about us
Do you make money from this guide?
Yeah, sure, I wish!  Really...we are just people who like Stargate and SG-1 and collecting stuff.
Do you have a store?
Coming soon...a couple of items will be available for those who want to flaunt their obsession with collecting and Stargate/SG-1.
Is there a printed guide that I can purchase?
No printed guide yet, but just you wait. 
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