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Stargate at Dragon*Con 2003

Dragon*con 2003 Friday, August 29-Monday, Sept. 2, 2003
Atlanta, Georgia-  Stargate SG-1 Guests include:

Christopher Judge 


Tony Amendola 

Last year in 2002, at last, we had real Stargate SG-1 programming at Dragon*Con, complete with 3 guests! Over 600 fans attended the Stargate SG-1 programming and we just had an all-out great time.  This year promises even more fun. [see 2002 report here]

Although there is not a full-track the following are the early Stargate panels planned for Dragon*con 2003 (scroll down)

If you’d like a copy of the b/w StargateGuide Dragon*Con 2002 special edition, just send $1 to:

Marcia Patterson
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As of July 5, 2003 (check back often for updates!)

Unless otherwise stated, all panels are 60 minutes and take place in the Courtland Room of the Hyatt Hotel.

We're planning additional fun and giveaways, too!

Dragon*con 2003- Stargate Panels- updated July 10, 2003

Friday, August 29

Saturday, August 30

Sunday, August 31

Monday, September 1

2:30 MISSION BRIEFING - Season Overview and upcoming news – So much has happened, where are we now and where are we going? –

Marcia Patterson, Hal Wamsley, Patrick Cranford; guests

OFFWORLD 1 activities

11:30  JAFFA! - Tony Amendola and Christopher Judge discuss their activities on both sides of the camera, on Stargate, SG-1.

2:30 Beyond the Stargate- Meet the men behind Teal'c and Master Bra-tac, hear tales from behind the scenes at SG-1 and, maybe, some hints about next season.

(Collectibles in the Stargate Universe – overview spanning from the movie to the series –

Guests)- tentative



4:00 EGYPTOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY, SG-1 STYLE – scientific and fun- Lisa Cameron, Susan Hicks  
    8:30 SG 1: Live Roleplaying
Bruce Sheffer, Patrick Cranford

Fans are invited to come in costume, especially for the role playing event

There will also be ample time for autographs with the stars! (fees are extra!)


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