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Stargate at Dragon*Con 2002
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By Marcia Patterson, Stargate SG-1 Coordinator & editor

At last, we had a real Stargate SG-1 mini- track at Dragon*Con, complete with 3 guests! Over 600 fans attended the Stargate SG-1 programming!  We just had an all-out great time.

Our Friday night opening SG-1 panel" "Stargate SG-1" A New Beginning?" was packed to the rafters with eager fans!  Thank you all for participating.

(Photography by Martin A. Smith, III)A. Smith, III)

Some of the SRO crowd

(Photography by Martin A. Smith, III)A. Smith, III)

"Stargate SG-1: A New Beginning?" panelists
Fred, Patrick, Marcia and Hal

We discussed the many changes this season as well as upcoming events and rumors. I obtained 2 sealed boxes of Stargate SG-1 Season 4 cards courtesy of Rittenhouse Archives and we had what I hope will become a Dragon*Con Stargate  tradition – the CPO (card pack opening), where we distributed the packs and opened them together. Those who received the special cards- (1 autograph card and 1 costume card in each box)- squealed with delight and happily posed for pics. (See below this report for a link to the Rittenhouse site.)

(Photography by Martin A. Smith, III)A. Smith, III)

Winner of Col. Maybourne costume card!

(Photography by Martin A. Smith, III)A. Smith, III)

Winner of Amanda Tapping costume card!

Also on the panel this year was Hal Wamsley of Light Speed Fine Art, which hosts the official Stargate SG-1 International Fan Club. Information on joining the fan club can be found at the end of this report.  

(Photography by Martin A. Smith, III) A. Smith, III)
Hal Wamsley,  the Official SG-1 poster, & the StargateGuide Digest

Hal  delighted us with details of his visits to the set, and information about new prop replicas including the staff, ‘zat’ and ‘t.e.r’ weapons. Hal also brought official posters and even threw in some cast pictures as giveaways.

Fans received the special limited edition of the StargateGuide Digest Drangcon*Con 2002 special edition. The color cover featured artwork by Keith Paul courtesy of Light Speed Fine Art. A b/w version of the StargateGuide (with alternate cover) was also available during the rest of the convention in larger quantities. was a great source of information for the StargateGuide.

If you’d like a copy of the b/w StargateGuide Dragon*Con 2002 special edition, just send $1 to:

Marcia Patterson
P.O. Box 14947
Jacksonville, FL 32238
(offer good while supplies last as I won’t be printing more of these…gotta move on)

Special thanks again to:

Hal Wamsley, from Light Speed Fine Art- a true and loyal SG-1 fan (he told me so!)
Rittenhouse Archives - for the SG-1 convention exclusive promo cards and Stargate SG-1 Season 4 cards

Dragon*Con 2002 Guest Star Panels

Teryl Rothery, Peter Williams & Sarah Douglas (Saturday, 1pm)

Escorted to the stage by fans outfitted in full Stargate SG-1 gear.Teryl Rothery, Peter Williams and Sarah Douglas joined together for a panel in one of the bigger ballrooms. (Tony Amendola had to cancel due to work responsibilities).

This was my first experience seeing SG-1 guests live, and they made this panel quite a fun one.  All were fully at ease as they revealed lots of on-the-set antics. The hour flew by. I was happy that we would have single guest panels for both Peter and Teryl later in the convention. Big panels are exciting in their own right, while panels in smaller rooms can give a more intimate interaction between fans and guests.

Peter Williams’ Fan Panel - Sunday, 7 pm

(Photography by Marcia Patterson)

Apophis holds audience!
  Another capacity crowd at the SG-1 panels listens obediently to the most powerful System Lord

Peter took lots of time to chat with fans after the panel.

This is my sister, Sheila who has dreadlocks down to her rear-end. Peter was thrilled to meet her and hugged on her for about five minutes while he told of us his cut dreads that he still keeps. (Yes, I was jealous, but I did get my hug, too)

Just before Peter had to take off for the airport, I chatted with him again and snapped this "model" pic, next to his alter ego.


Teryl Rothery’s Fan Panel – Monday, 10 am

(Photography by Marcia Patterson)

Teryl seemed to really have fun sharing hilarious stories from the set. Even though it was 10 am, the night after the famous D*C costume contest, she was ready for the fans.

Attempting to "pull the trigger", Teryl sinks to her knees.

You just had to be there for the story of this picture. But it was truly funny... it involved strategically placed lights...


Stargate SG-1 Roleplay

(Photography by Martin A. Smith, III)

SG-1 is captured on a hostile world

The SG-1 Team poses for pics after the roleplay...and there were no casualties!

(front row:)Roleplayers Dr. Frasier, Samantha Carter, Jack O’Neill, Daniel Jackson and Teal’c (back row): Mooks and game master Bruce

The "mooks" pose with the MALP that looks strangely like R2D2

SG-1 Roleplayers included:
Liz Albite (Dr. Daniel Jackson)
Andrew Katon (Teal'c)
Kris Wieduwilt (Samantha Carter)
Marcia Patterson (Dr. Janet Frasier)
Laurel Brown (Mook)

Our guests told us they had a great time at their first Dragon*Con and they would certainly like to visit again next year.  We are actively seeking to have even more Stargate programming and more guests next year at Dragon*Con.  If you’d like to participate in the programs next year or have suggestions, please email me! If you’d like to see an entire track devoted to Stargate, let me hear from you!

Start preparing for Dragon*Con 2003!

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Join the Official Stargate SG-1 International Fan club here [go]
The official fan club offers lots of exclusive items and member discounts!

Visit the Rittenhouse Archives site for the latest news in SG-1 and other trading cards! [go]

Visit for the best in Stargate universe coverage!

TERYL ROTHERY - "Janet Frasier"

A Vancouver native, Teryl always knew she wanted to be an entertainer. Her career began as a dancer at age 13 when she performed in Bye Bye Birdie. TV guest star roles include Traders, Viper, The X-Files, multiple episodes of The Outer Limits and a recurring role on the series Profit. Feature films includeWarriors of Virtue, Magic in the Water, Mastermind and Andre. She also performs voice work for various animated projects.

Her most recent feature film role was in Exhuming Mr. Rice


Community theater and some crucial casting (McGyver, Wiseguy, 21 Jumpstreet) gave Peter his firm launch as an actor with a distinct flavor.Being based in Vancouver's redhot industry allowed him 5 seasons as "Pin" in the syndicated series Neon Rider, and as "Apophis" in Stargate SG-1. Roles include 4 seasons (so far) of DaVinci's Inquest and guest roles in The X-files, The Outer Limits, Due South and VH-1's Sweetwater.
He was nominated for the Best Actor in a Leading Role for Soul Survivor, (developed with his brother). He is filming Liberty Stand Still.

Peter lives with his wife and children in Canada


Sarah's film credits include Conan the Destroyer, Solarbabies, The Final Programme, The Brute, The People That Time Forgot, Superman, Superman II Nightfall and Dali.  Sarah also has a recurring role in Stargate SG-1, and has made guest appearances on Babylon 5, Murder, She Wrote, Matlock and LA Heat.  Sarah also has voice-over credits in the animated series Gargoyles, Johnny Quest, Iron Man, Superman and Batman


As of July 12, 2002 (check back often for updates!)

Unless otherwise stated, all panels are 60 minutes and take place in the Courtland Room of the Hyatt Hotel.

Be sure to come out to our first panel to get your numbered limited edition StargateGuide Digest, with cover color artwork courtesy of Light Speed Fine Art (the Official SG-1 Fan Club).  Regular non-color cover StargateGuide Digest copies will also be available during our panels.

We're planning additional fun and giveaways, too!

Friday, August 30, 2002

8:30 pm
Stargate SG-1: A new Beginning?
As Stargate SG-1 movies to its new home on the Sci-Fi Channel, 
we look at the recent changes on the show. With a new cast member, 
a distinct change in story line and a new network, is Stargate SG-1 the same show 
fans fell in love with? How great an impact has Dainel Jackson’s departure really made?
Panelists: Patrick Cranford, Marcia Patterson, Hal Wamsley

Saturday, August, 31, 2002

7:00 pm
SG-1 Primetime

Apophis and his former First Prime discuss their roles on Stargate SG-1.
Guests: Tony Amendola, Peter Williams

8:30 pm
Stargate SG-1 Live

Just when you thought it was safe to step through the Stargate….
Do you have what it takes to hang with Jack O’Neil and the rest of the SG-1 Team
 or are you headed back to boot camp? Come find out in this live role playing event.

Gamemaster: Bruce Sheffer

Sunday, September 1, 2002

7:00 pm
Stargate SG-1: Not Quite Human
What’s it like to play a human looking alien on Stargate SG-1?
Guests: Tony Amendola, Sarah Douglas, Peter Williams

Monday, September 2, 2002
10:00 am
Stargate SG-1: Dr. Frasier in the House

Stargate’s chief medical officer holds an early morning sick call,
hangover cures a specialty.
Guest: Teryl Rothery

Fans are invited to come in costume, especially for the role playing event.

Coordinator: Marcia Patterson

Visit the complete Dragoncon site: 

There will also be ample time for autographs with the stars! (fees are extra!)

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