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SG crew jacket full.gif (10489 bytes) Movie Crew jacket - leather sleeves with logos on both sleeves. Needs review  
coaster SG1 promo.gif (43207 bytes) SG-1 metal coaster Needs review  
cap movie wrap frt.gif (12374 bytes) Movie wrap party crew hat 1994 Needs review  
ProducersSG1 tapes.jpg (21448 bytes) Producers SG1 cut videos with outtakes. Needs review  
creature crew 2.jpg (25129 bytes) Apparently created by some of the crew for wear on the set. Needs review  
SG_ladies_jkt_1.gif (23897 bytes)SG ladies jkt 2.gif (31686 bytes) This Jacket was given to select cast and crew for the MGM TV series Stargate SG-1. Itís a high quality Northern Face Jacket (one of the best makers of cold weather jackets). I has the Metro Goldwyn Mayer Lion Logo on the shoulder (embroidered in!) and STARGATE SG-1 on the brim of the hood. The size is a womanís large. Itís a wonderful jacket, double lined with all sorts of pockets and velcro closures on the wrists. It's a Hyvent jacket Needs review  
stargate companionvol2.gif (35519 bytes)  


Needs review  
Sg season 5 promo.gif (41117 bytes)

Showtime promotion item for Stargate SG-1 Season 5

Needs review  
100th gift pack 1.gif (74026 bytes) 100th episode pack 2002. Needs review  
stargate PROMO sweat.gif (28771 bytes) These sweatshirts were given out in limited numbers to promote the video release of the 1994 movie. Needs review  
SG Live tshirt video w.gif (47227 bytes) These t-shirts were given out in limited numbers to promote the video release of the 1994 movie.    

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